Listen to the NEW J Dilla – “Back To The Crib” Project!


J Dilla’s “The Shining” will be reissued on August 29th in celebration of its 10 Year Anniversary of its initial release. In light of that, BBE Records has gifted Dilla fans with a 46-minute unreleased project called “Back to the Crib” that Dilla made between 1999 and 2000.

Peter Adarkwah (BBE Co-Founder) said this about the Dilla project:
“Towards the end of 1999 or early 2000, it was my first trip to Detroit. James (Yancey) was working with James Poyser on Erykah’s Mama’s Gun LP. We’d checked out a couple of record stores (I can’t recall where or their names) and this tape was playing in the car. I recall “Think Twice was” on the tape and I suggested there and then that he do a cover with Erykah for the BBE album. We didn’t get the Erykah feature, but people sure remember James’ cover. We drove past a sign, it said Welcome To Detroit and I suggested that would be a good name for the album. When we pulled over James gave me the tape and said this is yours, or words to effect.”

So this basically means, “Back to the Crib” is not really a beattape but is more so a playlist featuring records from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and more. You can check out “Back to the Crib below.